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Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Business - opportunities

Are you looking for new business opportunities or would you like to sell new products in Switzerland or abroad? Then you have come to the right place. We have been successfully involved in national and international sales for over 35 years. We are very familiar with retail, B2B business and the development of new brands and companies and can provide you with comprehensive support.

Our absolute strengths lie in establishing products on the market with the right sales channels and finding new trading partners and business opportunities. We are also very experienced in dealing with the top 20 brands worldwide and have an extensive network that we can access for you at any time.

Do you have an idea or a product? Contact us without obligation and we will analyze together how we can help you.

Business development

Today we are faced with a new dimension of trade. The increasing changes in the market and rapid digitalization require companies and managers to have a strong sense of direction.

The success of a company depends largely on the continuous innovation and adaptability of its players, transparent strategy and value preservation, and well-maintained knowledge and relationship management. It is the people who make the difference. Although our lives consist of constant change, these often create a feeling of uncertainty and fear in us - whether it is during a restructuring of the company, when evaluating future strategies or when introducing new products.

Through dialogue-oriented consulting and constant coaching, we make our contribution to the successful overcoming of your individual challenges.

Team development

One of the main challenges in team development in companies and organizations is the continuous development of employees in order to ensure their employability and flexibility. Interesting employment prospects can help to bind employees and their knowledge more closely to the company.

Our working environments will change fundamentally and more quickly. The digitalization of the economy is leading to decentralized working models. Demographic developments are increasing the importance of the employability of older employees, and better compatibility of family and career is opening up new opportunities for a more balanced gender and age balance in work teams and at company level. Our heart beats for people and their individual values, skills and resources. "HR" (Human Resources) is not only in our name, but also in our blood. With great enthusiasm and commitment, we work specifically with people to discover, uncover and further develop their potential and skills for themselves, for work teams and for the company.

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